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(iii)     The information contained in this website (the “Information”) is current on the date of its latest update and must be considered introductory for the User in relation to the products and services and other information contained in this website, without any form of express or implied guarantees.  Users can confirm the date of update of the Information by requesting it at the e-mail address available on this website.  Any liability which may arise from the commercial content and commercial or other services from websites which may be electronically linked, directly or indirectly, through this website, is expressly excluded.  Modifications, suspensions or interruptions other content providers may make to them are not attributable to Occimetex.  Likewise, reference on this website to products, services, companies, etc. belonging to third parties does not constitute their recommendation by Occimetex.  Users are aware and accept that Occimetex has no obligation to control contents transmitted by them or by content providers through this website, except when required under the applicable regulations or a court order.

(iv)    Occimetex does not hereby guarantee that the text, graphics, links or any other content of this website are exact or complete: there may be typographical errors or inaccuracies in the Information itself or between the version in its brochures and other written documentation and the Information.  Similarly, Occimetex reserves the right to make changes, corrections, improvements and additions to the Information and/or the products, services, activities or programs which do or may appear on the website, without notice.

(v)     Both access to this website and use of the Information is the exclusive responsibility of the User, and Occimetex will not be liable for any consequence, damage or loss arising from access to the website or use of the Information or the other elements appearing on it.  Occimetex hereby reserves the right to block access to its website and the supply of any or all of the content provided through it, at any time and without notice.  Such blockage may be provisional or permanent.  Accordingly, Occimetex does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of its website or its contents, so that their utilisation by Users is for Users’ own account and risk.  No claim may be made against Occimetex in this sense at any time.  Likewise, Occimetex accepts no liability for possible service outages, delays, errors, malfunctions and, in general, any other inconveniences originating in causes beyond its control, due to User actions, and/or arising from Force Majeure as defined in the Spanish legal provisions and jurisprudence.  In any event, whatever the cause, Occimetex assumes no responsibility whatsoever for direct or indirect damages, consequential damages and/or loss of profits.  Occimetex may temporarily suspend the website services and content for maintenance, upgrading or repairs to it, without any indemnification to Users for these items.

(vi)    Occimetex hereby excludes and declines any responsibility which may arise from the transmission of data between Users, or their declarations on its website, and assumes no responsibility for reasons of technical problems or mechanical failures in the computer equipment which arise during connection to the Internet.  Occimetex is also hereby released from any liability arising from the transmission of computer viruses or from damage caused by third parties who interact through this website without authorisation.

(vii)   The personal data the User provides on admission to any of the services offered on this website may be incorporated into existing Occimetex computerised files.  In compliance with the terms of the applicable regulations, prior to collection of the Users’ personal data, they will be advised of the existence of that file and its purpose, the rights of access, correction and cancellation, the name and address of the person responsible for the processing, and other legal requirements.  Occimetex thereby guarantees compliance with Organic Law 15/99, dated 13th of December, on Personal Data Protection.

(viii)  The content of this website, including images, texts, designs, animations or any other content or elements, specifically developed software and codes in JAVA, JAVA Script, HTML or Active X or other languages, is the property of Occimetex.  Copying, use, reproduction, distribution or any form of communication of the Information and other elements appearing on the website is strictly prohibited, as is their distribution, modification, alteration or decompiling.  Nonetheless, that prohibition does not apply to any third party who may ask Occimetex in advance for the pertinent authorisation, provided that such authorisation is granted expressly and in writing by Occimetex.

(ix)    These conditions are governed by Spanish law.  Therefore, should Users be in a country whose regulations limit access to websites with the characteristics of that of Occimetex, they will not be authorised to access the contents of this one.  Occimetex and the User hereby expressly relinquish any venue which may be available to them and irrevocably submit to the Courts of the City of Madrid (Spain) for the purposes of any dispute arising out of these conditions or this website.

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